Secure Document Storage

We at Attorney Vault provide the best protected online storage by ensuring a seamless process for your legal document management from the get-go. Our experts protect you and your family by securely storing your most important documents, granting access to those you trust, and then having an attorney review them at your request. We value your presence by offering 24/7 customer service and legal document storage to help you secure your future. Sign up to get in touch with us!

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    Protect Your Most Important Documents

    Attorney Vault allows you to replace the outdated method of storing your most important documents on unsecured storage devices by providing a secure document vault. Our File Vault allows you to securely upload, store, and retrieve your files instantly. Additionally, our system allows you to grant access to trusted family members, track users, date, and other useful information about your documents.

    24/7 Secure Access / Anywhere

    By moving your legal documents to a secure environment, you can easily access your pleadings and production 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. Our third-party cloud server boasts 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability – meaning you will always have easy access to your files. What does this mean for you?

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    Secure & Confidential

    Protect Your families’ Data with Attorney Vault Securely upload, download, 256 bit encryption Only you have access to your families portfolio (additional users can be granted access) Each client has access only to his/her Secure document case with 24/7 access online.

    Attorney Reviewed & Verified

    If you choose, our team of attorneys will review your legal documents including; estates, wills, and more! We offer this service to all of our clients, we want you to know your future is secure!

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    All of our service levels include

    Attorney Reviewed Legal Document

    We include attorney review for all of our client’s legal document. Our legal professional team wants to ensure your documents are legally sound, not just safe and secure!

    Unlimited Guest Accounts

    Grant access to your documents to trusted family members and emergency personal. You can assign guest levels and permissions, you decide what guests can only read documents and which can edit or upload documents.

    Military Grade Encryption

    Our Cloud Storage is encrypted to the higher standards including 256 bit encryption. Our storage system is also backed up and stored daily ensuring your documents are safe from any on site issues. Never worry about fires, hurricanes, and other acts of nature keeping you form your documents

    Secure Client Portal

    Our client portal is able to be accessed securely by you or your guests anywhere there is an internet connection using any device. Access your documents form your phone, computer or tablet!

    Need help? Give us a call anytime

    Attorney Vault provides 24/7 customer service for your convenience. So feel free to contact us anytime, we’d love to hear from you.